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July 2021
The CARIN board and community are happy to announce three new deliverables that can be used by stakeholders to continue to empower individuals with access to more of their own health data with less friction.

Deliverable #1 : CARIN Alliance Application Registration Guide
In order for a consumer to use an application of their choice to connect to an HL7® FHIR® endpoint, there needs to be a secure, privacy by design, consent-based, and streamlined way for a consumer-facing application to connect to a data holder.

Today, we are releasing the CARIN Alliance Application Registration Guide which is a series of best practices our consumer-facing application community (listed on MyHealthApplication.com), patient and caregiver advocates, providers, and payers have compiled to connect applications to data holders more effectively and efficiently.

You can view the application guide here:

Deliverable #2 : CARIN Alliance HL7® FHIR® directory framework initiative
As we work to make the CARIN Alliance’s vision become a reality, consumer-facing applications need to easily discover and connect to HL7® FHIR® endpoints in production. Since we don’t expect any US Government entity to publish the endpoints in a single location, CARIN anticipates there will be numerous private sector partners who will publish these endpoints. We support and encourage the publication and validation of these endpoints by multiple private sector partners.

Today, we want to share what we have learned in the CARIN community about connecting to endpoints in production so we are releasing the CARIN Alliance HL7® FHIR® directory framework initiative. It is the first, fully crowdsourced payer HL7® FHIR® endpoint directory for stakeholders to use based on industry best practices. Information will be voluntarily entered into the directory by data holders based on a set of key data elements applications need to connect and that information will be listed on a GitHub repository for free to allow anyone to use. Updates will be maintained by those who initially entered the information as part of a future release of functionality.

You can view the FHIR endpoint directory here: https://carinfhirdirectory.com/

Deliverable #3 : The CARIN Alliance Code of Conduct UX Guide
As more and more consumer-facing applications integrate the CARIN code of conduct into their privacy policies and terms of service, we want to ensure that information is easily understood, accessible, and equitable to all audiences and all individuals. Our community has always believed that simply clicking through a complicated set of terms and conditions written in legal-speak is not acceptable. Consumer-facing application terms and conditions, including their privacy policies, need to be accessible, readable, and understood by everyone regardless of their background or socio-economic status.

Therefore, the CARIN Alliance is proud to have partnered with Arcweb Technologies, a leader in website user experience and design, to produce a UX guide full of interactive demonstrations and best practices to provide application developers user-friendly ways to integrate the CARIN code of conduct into their privacy policies and terms of service.

You can view the CARIN Alliance Code of Conduct UX Guide here: https://carinuxguide.arcwebtech.com/

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