December 13, 2023
CARIN Letter to HHS on Provider Information Blocking Disincentives
May 13, 2024
2024 WEDI Spring Conference

Your Health Data Is Yours

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If you are a patient or caregiver asking: Who do I talk to to access
my clinical health information? What do I ask them? Are they
required to give it to me? Can I share it? CARIN can help!

We envision a future where any consumer can choose any app to retrieve both their complete health record and their complete
coverage information from any provider or plan in the country.

Discover trusted apps where you can access your health
information on MyHealthApplication.

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Consumer-Directed Exchange

We are promoting the ability for consumers and their authorized caregivers to gain digital access to their health information via non-proprietary application programming interfaces, or APIs.

Accessing your Health Information?

Patients and caregivers can access and aggregate electronic health information across multiple systems.

Continue reading to learn more about how to get, use, and share your health information.

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What are my rights?

Providers are required to give access to your health information. To learn more about your rights under HIPAA:

Individuals' Right Under HIPAA

Who do I talk to?

The following guide explains how to access your health records. The guide is also for caregivers.

ONC Guide to Getting Records

How do I request my health information?

The American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) has developed a form you can take to your physician to request your health information.

Health Record Request Form

Can I share my data?

Discover trusted applications that connect you with your own health data from thousands of providers and hundreds of health plans across the Unites States.

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Want to join CARIN?

If you’d like to be considered for membership, please connect with a member of our team.