Digital Identity

A phone with a green pattern on the back of it.A phone with a green pattern on the back of it.

CARIN with the HHS, XMS, ONC, CMS, HL7® FAST Digital Identity Tiger Team, and 25 other public/private sector stakeholders to develop a Proof of Concept that lays the foundation for individuals to voluntarily digital ID themselves once, use the same credentials with multiple data holders and eliminate the need to create separate “portal” accounts.

Digital Identity

Streamline Your Patient Matching

Discover how Digital Identity can streamline your operations, reduce administrative burden, and significantly cut costs associated with patient matching. Step into the future of healthcare.

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• When patients call the doctor’s office to schedule an appointment, the office staff has to manually obtain demographic information (name, date of birth, gender, email, insurance etc.).

• This process is repeated upon check-in, where patients may forget identification or insurance card and office staff manually copies or inefficiently (and subject to errors) inputs identifying information.

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Prior to Visit:

Owned & Managed: Patients create a digital identity credential with an application of their choice.

Digitally Fill-in: With FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources), patient applications can populate digital questionnaires/assessments ahead of encounter to reduce administrative burden, costs, and errors associated with manual entry of insurance information.

Open Scheduling API: Rather than receiving calls to PCP office, provider's can leverage the FHIR Appointment Resource for patients to schedule at their convenience and reduce burden, costs, and manual entry appointment information errors.

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• Using digital identity, patient onboarding is maximized with less paperwork and reduced manual errors.

• Payers and providers can match patients across ALL health systems and EMR/EHR vendors — ensuring correct information is linked to the correct patient.

• Seamless clinical data integration opportunity allows optimal practitioner encounters.

Post Visit:

• Patients can access EHI from any payer or provider.

Reduced liability and malpractice risk.

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