Insurance Card

Freedom to eliminate remembering or carrying a physical proof of insurance.

A phone with a green pattern on the back of it.A phone with a green pattern on the back of it.
Digital Insurance Card

Efficiently Executed Revenue Cycle Management

Removing physical insurance cards not only enhances the patient experience, but yields operational and financial optimization.

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One of the largest responsibilities for Health Systems is Revenue Cycle Management:

• Providers spend considerable time manually inputting data.

• Patients and caregivers often forget or misplace their physical insurance policy information card.

• Providers are burdened with following-up to track down insurance information.

• Without a seamless digital payer integration solution, providers experience increased workload and revenue inefficiencies.

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Digital Payer-to-Provider Solution — Remove the hassle of remembering or copying patient physical insurance cards.

Digital Insurance Card — Leverages the CARIN Digital Insurance Card IG, allows patients to carry health insurance information in a digital wallets.

• At Check-in: Easily share policy information with healthcare providers.

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• No More Remembering, No More Clipboards! — Consumer experience is greatly improved.

Reduced Errors — With more efficient eligibility checks between the payer and provider.

Save Time & Money — Alleviated administrative burden, costs, and errors associated with manual entry of insurance information.

Maximize Revenue — By digitally applying payer information, avoid missing or expired insurance details.

Environment — Payers reduce expense and environmental impact of printing and mailing traditional plastic cards.

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